After Sales Form

Reason for Return:

Item Details

1. RMA / Return Procedure:

a) This order is only for RMA equipment or purchased within 14 days (return).
b) Do not ship material without an RMA / return number assigned by Mbit.
c) Requests for RMA / return that are not properly completed will not be accepted.
d) d) The RMA / return number will be assigned and sent by email.
e) When sending the material, also send a copy of the purchase invoice.
f) Please pack the material well and identify the volumes of material returned with the RMA / return number in a conspicuous place.
g) The material must be sent to our premises by customers, with postage paid by them.
h) Material in which no damage is confirmed will be returned to the customer (RMA). Material not properly sealed or marked with use will be returned to the customer (return).
i) All material received without the respective RMA / return number assigned by Mbit, or sent for collection will be refused.

2. Logistic Incidence Procedure:

In order to submit the incident process, the customer will need to send us photos of the article and its shipping package. These photos will be essential in order to be able to identify the damage, errors or lack of articles, and determine their responsibilities.